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GraphMath For Windows

Main Features:

* Draws 2D graphs of Y = F(X) functions
* Displays their derivatives and integrals
* Draws 3D graphs of Z = F(X, Y) functions, animates rotation
* Solves F(X,Y) = 0 equations

Here are some examples (click to see the full size picture):
y = f(x) y = f(x) with integral and derivative curves f(x,y) = 0 z = f(x,y)
y = f(x) y=f(x),f'(x),S(x) f(x,y) = 0 z = f(x,y)
z = f(x,y)
z = f(x,y) (rotating)

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(ver. 2.5, last updated 08/14/2004)

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