Matrix Solver Step by Step App for iPhone and iPad

Detailed Description:

"Matrix Solver Step by Step" Linear Algebra learning tool and a Matrix Calculator:

* Performs most commonly used matrix calculations and decompositions (see list below).
* Demonstrates and explains algorithm steps for almost all the functions.
* Draws interactive geometric references when appropriate.
* Provides explanations and proofs for most Linear Algebra concepts. The proofs have links to all other relevant topics, making them understandable for users with minimal prior knowledge of Linear Algebra.

Every effort is being made to ensure user friendly interface and factual accuracy.
The app is, so far, free of charge and free of ads.
It is being continuously updated with new functions, graphs, and proofs.
Suggestions and corrections are welcome!
Write to us! (GraphMath@aol.com)

List of functions (matrix size up to 8x8):

1. Solution for linear systems, real and complex.
2. Geometric solutions for 3 equation linear systems.
3. Matrix multiplication.
4. Matrix inverse, real and complex.
5. Determinant (both row reduction and recursive methods).
6. Eigenvectors and eigenvalues, both real and complex.
7. Diagonalization.
8. Rotation-scaling similarity transformation.
9. Block-diagonalization transformation.
10. PLU factorization for square matrices.
11. LDLT factorization for symmetric matrices.
12. Column-Row factorization.
13. QR factorization by 3 existing methods: Gram-Schmidt, Givens rotations and Householder reflections.
14. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD).
15. Interactive graphs for transformation by 2x2 and 3x3 matrices, with derivation of specific matrix types, such as rotation or reflection.
16. Raising a Matrix to power n, where n is any integer between -10 and 10.
17. Matrix exponentials, x = x0 * eA*t.
18. Markov chain calculator.
19. Calculation of Correlation matrices and Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

UI features:

Most recent matrix entry for particular operation and size is saved between program runs.
Input or output matrices can be saved to clipboard and pasted into other input screens in the app, text files and spreadsheets.
Matrix and Linear Equations entries can be saved into table and are available after application is closed and re opened.
Matrix entries can be filled with random numbers, different options for range are provided.
Solutions as fractions are available for many functions.
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors are shown as fractions and radicals for 2x2 matrices.

(Proofs and Properties)

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Matrix Solver
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The authors would like to hear your suggestions or comments.
Write to us! (GraphMath@aol.com)

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