Version 2.5
(last updated 08/14/2004)

In order to install free 30-day trial version of the program, push the button on the right to download "GraphMathSetup.exe" file. Download GraphMathSetup.exe

File size is about 670K, and download will take about two minutes with 56K modem.
You can save this file in any directory.

Run GraphMathSetup.exe once, and it will install the program, including
GraphMath.exe (executable module), GraphMathHelp.chm (help),
Graph0.dat (sample entries) and Uninstall.exe
into "C:\Program Files\GraphMath\" or other directory, if you choose so during the installation.
Also, it will create a shortcut on your Desktop.

If you already have installed GraphMath version 1.0 (posted 05/17/2002) or later, ".exe" and ".chm" files will be updated. Your own history of entries (which is stored in Graph.dat file) will not be overwritten.

The trial version does not support some features, like printing or saving to file.
Also, the trial period is 30 days after the first run.
Push the button on the right to purchase the full version for $10.
You will be redirected to our WebStore (powered by eSellerate), and you can use any major credit card.
The program will be downloaded immediately after credit card is approved (approval usually takes less than 2 min)

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